BetBarter Exchange India 2024

BetBarter betting site is a great choice if you prefer exchange betting. It is a legal bookmaker in India, founded in 2017 and operating under the international license of Curaçao. BetBarter adapts to the needs of modern players, so you will get the highest level of service and a full set of tools necessary for exchange betting. In addition, the bookmaker is constantly developing bonuses to attract more and more users. Thus, after registering at BetBarter app or site you can get first deposit offer 25% cashback up to ₹10,000 for 7 days!


Choose bets on Exchange from BetBarter.
We will tell you what Exchange is on the BetBarter website.

Betting exchanges provide the same betting opportunities as bookmakers, with some differences. The platform brings together bettors who want to bet directly against each other and sets the odds. Thus, you bet according to the opinion of other bettors or against it. The size of the odds is formed solely on the basis of the supply and demand of betting exchanges. The bookmaker’s site acts as an intermediary and earns on internal commissions on such bets. Betting exchanges are gaining popularity among Indian players due to their simplicity, interesting and new experience.

We will tell you about the possibilities of BetBarter Exchange function.

Exchange betting has a number of undeniable advantages, which is why more and more bettors from India are taking the plunge into them at BetBarter. Familiarize yourself with them below:

  • Odds are formed based on supply and demand, so they can be higher and more competitive than what a bookmaker offers;
  • A better understanding of the probability of a particular outcome based on the opinions of other bettors;
  • Betting exchanges have a small commission that the system charges in the event of a successful outcome. If the participant does not win, the exchange does not charge any interest. Moreover, bookmakers and betting exchanges do not use a fixed margin in the odds;
  • Different betting exchange sites have their own bettors and their own odds, which effectively provides a win-win betting environment.
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of BetBarter Exchange.

Betting exchanges have unique features, which will allow you to gain new experience and feel the spirit of competition, while betting against the opinion of other players. Nevertheless, there are some small disadvantages as well.
All the information about the pros and cons of exchange betting can be found in the table below:

  • A large selection of very low odds available for betting (high probability), which increases the chances of winning
  • Odds are formed based on supply and demand, so they can be higher than those offered by the bookmaker
  • There is no betting limit and the amount you decide to bet is determined solely by liquidity. Liquidity is a certain amount of funds that are available for betting in the market
  • As the odds are set by the players, the bookmaker charges minimal commission for betting on the exchange
  • The ability to hedge bets and lock in profits if the odds rise
  • Better understanding of the probability of a particular outcome based on the opinions of other bettors
  • Increased betting variability
  • If such an event does not happen, you will lose a large amount of money, and if you win, you will gain a little
  • Higher odds are usually found in secondary and non-popular markets
  • The difference in odds between exchanges is not very different because the odds for major events are usually determined by the big bettors
  • The selection of odds and markets is always lower than that of a bookmaker
We will talk about the rules of BetBarter Exchange.

The main difference between a betting exchange and a traditional bookmaker is that on an exchange you bet directly against other players.This means that there are two types of players involved in any bet placed on the exchange. More features you should know look for below:

  • The betting exchange operates as a peer-to-peer betting marketplace where users can trade on sports events by placing both Back and Lay bets. When a user backs a bet, they are actually betting on the outcome to win, and if the outcome wins, they receive the bet and the winnings. When a user bets on the outcome losing, and if the outcome actually loses, they receive the amount of the bet as winnings;
  • Speaking of any team sport, if the scheduled venue is changed after the exchange has cleared the market, then the system can void bets. This happens if the new location is the home ground of the original visiting team. As for other sports, the change of venue does not affect the bets in any way;
  • Betting exchanges offer more flexibility as users can set their own odds and the amounts they are willing to bet. This allows users to create their own markets and capitalize on price movements;
  • If an event is not ended three days after the scheduled completion date, then all bets on that event will be void. In the case of a tournament or competition, the decision will be made by the official governing body within 90 days of the scheduled end date of the event.
Can BetBarter Betting Exchange Operate Legally in India?

BetBarter accepts Indian players on a legal basis, as it is based out of the country and regulated by the Curaçao Gambling Commission.

What Are the Types of Betting Exchange?

There are several types of betting exchanges on sporting events. Lay Bet and Back Bet are the main ones. The odds are formed on the basis of bets placed by players.

What is a Betting Exchange Account?

This is an account with which you can participate in online betting exchanges at BetBarter, playing not against the bookmaker and his odds, but against other bettors.

What Types of Games are Available on the BetBarter Betting Exchange?

The range of games is pretty much the same as a regular sportsbook can offer. That said, there are a couple of additional options like “Fancy Cricket”. “Zero Commission Tennis”, “Premium Soccer”, etc.

How Do BetBarter Betting Exchange Generate Revenue?

BetBarter betting exchange generates revenue by collecting a commission from winning bets. This fee, which is usually a modest portion of the winnings, the site makes money and also offers players a platform to compete.

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