Responsible Gambling

BetBarter is dedicated to encouraging responsible gambling among its clients, raising awareness about problem gambling, and enhancing prevention, intervention, and treatment. BetBarter’s Responsible Gambling Policy outlines its dedication to reducing the damaging effects of addiction to gambling and encouraging responsible gambling behaviors.

BetBarter is committed to responsible gambling.

BetBarter caters to the new generation of online gamblers by providing a diverse selection of games and entertainment options. We also accept responsibility for our product lineup.

BetBarter’s mission is to deliver the world’s safest and most cutting-edge gaming platform for adults. The available transparent and safe goods allow each user to play within his financial limits while receiving the highest quality service. BetBarter’s work is guided by the ideals of integrity, fairness, and reliability. As a result, it is obvious that BetBarter should do all possible to minimize and mitigate the issues that might occur as a result of gambling involvement, particularly when playing excessively. At the same time, it is critical to protect the rights of people who participate in games of chance as an acceptable form of enjoyment.

BetBarter’s responsible gambling policy is founded on three key principles: player security, game security, and protection against gaming addiction. We collaborate with research institutes, organizations, and therapeutic institutions to provide a responsible, safe, and dependable framework for online gaming.

BetBarter’s ethical gaming message is straightforward but meaningful: ‘Awareness Assistance Support’. This is the dedication to damage minimization and customer assistance, which includes:

Awareness – promoting harm reduction by raising awareness of responsible gambling programs and services among staff and consumers, who will be supplied with contact information for organizations where they can seek expert guidance and help.

Here are several organizations you may call if you encounter a bad gaming situation:
Fundashon pa Maneho di Adiksho
The Responsible Gaming Foundation:
Gambling Therapy:

Assistance – helping clients manage their gaming activities to reduce damage;

Support – providing a supportive atmosphere in which the risk of damage is reduced and a culture of responsible gaming support is established in the company.


The primary premise supported by BetBarter is that the client should make the ultimate decision and take responsibility for whether or not to participate, as well as how much money may be spent on the game.

As a result, the most effective type of addiction prevention is the customer’s own responsibility. BetBarter sees its job as aiding clients by offering transparent goods, complete information, and maintaining a clear code of behavior.

This policy explains BetBarter’s commitment to responsible gambling and the possible consequences for individuals.
What Is Self-Exclusion?
Self-exclusion is a formal mechanism that allows individuals to stop participating on the site.
How Does Self-Exclusion Happen?
Individuals can self-exclude by sending an email to with the subject ‘Self-exclusion’ and including their username, email, cell phone number, a copy of the KYC document, and the cause for the account’s closure or removal.

BetBarter will mark the individual’s record appropriately within two working days of receiving the self-exclusion notification and will send proof that the instruction was implemented in the individual’s account.

If a person has gambled on our website and then submits a self-exclusion notification, their membership will be revoked right away, and any further action will be ignored.

Individuals who have had their participation canceled due to self-exclusion notification will not be eligible to receive any winnings.

How Long Does Self-Exclusion Extend to?
Individuals must be offered the choice of being excluded for a minimum of five years or permanently.

If a person decides not to prolong their self-exclusion and makes a positive request to resume gambling after their self-exclusion expires, they will be given 24 hours to cool off before being permitted to engage.

Regardless of whether an individual’s time of self-exclusion expires, no marketing material will be delivered to them unless and until they have requested or consented to receive it.

Personal Responsibilities
When seeking self-exclusion, the individual commits to giving complete and correct personal information, both now and in the future, to guarantee that we can restrict access to our services. If an individual chooses to self-exclude, we shall make every reasonable effort to guarantee compliance with the self-exclusion procedure.

However, by agreeing to self-exclude, the individual must accept a parallel commitment not to strive to evade the self-exclusion.

As a result, BetBarter accepts no responsibility or liability for any later repercussions or losses that an individual may experience or incur if they begin or continue gambling by providing false, incorrect, or incomplete information, or if they otherwise attempt to bypass the self-exclusion agreement.

Can I Just Take a Break?
You may just suspend your account for a shorter amount of time (from 24 hours to 6 weeks), as determined by you. To this end, please contact our Responsible Gaming Team via email ( with the subject line ‘Time-out’ and include your username, email, cell phone number, a copy of the KYC document, and the reason for account suspension. After that, we will gladly help you through it!

Ideally, you may request your timeout directly through the website’s account settings area.

Staff Training
BetBarter will address self-exclusion in their introduction training and will do refresher training on an annual basis.

Our staff will ensure that all of your information remains secret throughout this procedure.

BetBarter will employ player tracking tools to assess whether self-excluded gamers are engaging in any gambling activities.
Clients will be told about the many organizations that are available to assist them in coping with their problem. Please see above for further information on these entities and their relationships.

Players who have self-excluded will be urged to uninstall any applications, downloads, and social network links, as well as deactivate BetBarter alerts. Installing software that prevents access to gambling websites will also be recommended.

The self-exclusion/time-out or involuntary exclusion list will be removed automatically after the specified time period expires.

It is strongly suggested that self-excluded gamers seek exclusion from any other gaming providers with which they have an account.

We accept responsibility for the safety of our players. The protection of the players is based on prohibiting children from participating in games and protecting privacy, which includes the appropriate handling of personal data and payments. Independent groups regularly check the fairness and randomness of the items given. Marketing communication is likewise aimed toward player protection: we promise just what we can deliver in our transparent line.


It is unlawful for anybody under the age of 18 to establish an account or wager on BetBarter. We need new members to declare that they are at least 18 years old and conduct age verification checks on all new accounts.

You must not use our service if you are under the age of 18 (or the age of majority as specified in the laws of the country relevant to you), or if you are not legally capable of entering into a binding legal agreement with us.

If we assume or get an announcement that you are presently under the age of 18 or were under the age of majority (as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction applicable to you) when you placed any bets through the service, your account will be suspended to stop you from placing more bets or making any withdrawals from it.

We will then examine the situation, including if you were in fact betting as a representative for or on behalf of an individual under the age of 18 (or below the age of majority as specified in the laws of the country relevant to you). If it is discovered that you: (a) are now; (b) were under the majority age that applies to you at the relevant time; or (c) were betting as an agent for or on behalf of a person under the majority age that applies:

i. All profits credited to your account will be retained;
ii. Profits from underage betting must be confiscated;
iii. Non-winning deposits in your account will be refunded to you.

If we think you are in violation of this policy or seeking to rely on it for fraudulent purposes, we retain the right to take any action required to investigate the problem, including notifying the appropriate authorities.

To provide the greatest possible safety for kids, we also rely on the help of parents and caregivers. Please keep your account access information secure (user ID and password).

Furthermore, we urge that you install filtering software. This program allows you to block access to Internet resources that are unsuitable for children and teens.

BetBarter provides a wide range of games and bets, which are popular forms of enjoyment among most consumers. At the same time, the corporation accepts responsibility for its consumers by offering assistance and resources for maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment while taking into consideration the inherent risks.

Clients that struggle with risk assessment, self-awareness, or gambling addiction are unable to enjoy our product range responsibly and consider it as a kind of fun. BetBarter accepts responsibility for such users and restricts their access to its goods for their own safety.

A problematic game habit is defined as any conduct that interferes with a person’s or family’s way of life, employment, financial situation, or health. Long-term engagement in games is uncharacteristic of such a person and can have harmful implications.

Pathological gaming dependency was formally recognized and categorized as a psychiatric disorder in the international categorization systems DSM-IV and ICD-10 in 1980. It is characterized as a lengthy, repeated, and frequently amplified desire to play despite existing bad personal and societal situations, such as a debt, a breakdown in family relationships, and a delay in professional development.

It is important to note that only specialists diagnose gaming dependency. The information offered on this page will assist you in estimating and defining your own game behavior.

Addictions that are not connected with any drug pose a unique risk since it is difficult to distinguish between pleasure and addiction. Nonetheless, there are various diagnostic indications that may indicate existing difficulties. Severe dependency is likely if at least five of the following symptoms are present:

1. The player is fully immersed in gambling; all of his thoughts are focused on the game.
2. The bet sum grows with time.
3. Attempts to discontinue or limit his involvement in the games appear to be ineffective.
4. When a person limits his gambling, he suffers aggravation and dissatisfaction.
5. The game provides an escape from troubles or discomfort.
6. The player attempts to recoup the lost sum.
7. Lie about his playing habits.
8. Engages in criminal conduct.
9. Disrupts or destroys relationships with family and coworkers.
10. Borrows to play the games.

Following the guidelines outlined below, you can enjoy the game without anxiety:

1. Begin playing only when you are relaxed and focused.
2. Take regular breaks.
3. Determine your monthly gaming budget ahead of time.
4. Once a maximum restriction has been determined, it should not be increased further.
5. Before you begin playing, choose a maximum amount of winnings at which you will stop playing.
6. Determine ahead how much you can afford to lose.
7. Don’t start playing when under the influence of drink or drugs.
8. Do not start playing while sad.

Take a look at the crucial obligations for responsible betting:

1. To include responsible gaming information on every website of its many brands.
2. To educate its participants on the nature of gambling as an amusement activity with certain dangers, rather than a means of generating cash.
3. Encourage participants to gamble within appropriate boundaries.
4. Provide information on the regulations for all gambling activities available for play. These guidelines will be published on each of its many brand websites.
5. Have a customer support team available to the client 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
6. Develop and implement a self-exclusion program for clients who want to stop gambling, which informs and encourages applicants to seek therapy and help.
7. To refuse service to underage or addicted gamers.
8. To develop and implement tools for monitoring how gamers utilize our services, and eventually suspending their accounts when reckless gaming is identified.
9. To allow its clients to limit the size of their deposits.